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EU Rights

ECAS empowers citizens to exercise their rights and campaigns for an inclusive, transparent and democratic Europe, where the benefits of EU citizenship can be fully tapped.


ECAS has an extensive track record in helping EU citizens in exercising the rights attached to their EU citizenship and in-depth knowledge of the problems associated with their implementation.

For the last 20 years, ECAS has been running “Your Europe Advice” – an EU-funded advice service provided by ECAS’ team of 60 legal experts in all 24 official EU languages and across all 27 EU Member States. Annually, ECAS’ legal experts respond to about 20,000 enquiries from citizens on their rights under EU law covering social security, residence and visas, work issues, taxes, and more.

Building upon years of experience in helping citizens to exercise their rights, ECAS has been implementing several activities to support citizens, CSOs and civil servants in applying EU legislation in their daily work, notably in freedom of movement and voting rights areas.

Through training modules, focus groups, conferences, crowdsourcing exercises, human stories, ECAS strives to support EU citizens in fully enjoying their rights.