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Civil Society Hub for actors addressing populist movements

European democracies have come under increasing pressure by populists over the last decade. Divisive politics have put into question the very foundations of liberal societies, such as plurality, equality, informed public discussions, and the rule of law.

To reinforce initiatives that aim to strengthen liberal democracy and counter populist narratives, ECAS has set up a Civil Society Hub mainly for actors addressing populist movements in their daily work and activities.

In 2020, ECAS carried out research on civic strategies addressing populist movements: “Civic Strategies Addressing Populism – Initiatives to safeguard liberal democracies” in the framework of the DEMOS  (Horizon 2020) project. DEMOS is a research and innovation project studying populism and its impacts on democracy.

A key finding of our research is that project managers in the field knew very little about each other, despite their widespread willingness to connect and share experience and lessons learnt. Spaces and formats for exchanging best practices rarely exist.

The Hub addresses the need of establishing a space for civil society actors in the field to meet, discuss, exchange knowledge and practice and collaborate.

The Hub brings together civil society actors implementing projects that address populist movements and/or safeguard liberal democracy values. The Hub will serve as point of exchange for best practices and is aimed at creating synergies between a diverse set of actors.

It aims to both increase the quality and innovation of projects addressing populist movements across Europe and trigger joint action. Hub members learn from one another and may consider shared knowledge when designing future projects tackling the populist challenge.

In alphabetic order (by organisation represented)

Last update: August 2021

The Hub has regular (online and offline) meetings, which focus on specific topics and cover different aspects of democratic life that are challenged by populist movements.

As the Hub facilitates exchange of experience and good practice, members are encouraged to share their project outcomes and lessons learnt.

In addition, the closed online group is also a way to enables members to interact in-between meetings.

ECAS facilitates and actively moderates the discussion, triggering inputs on relevant topics among the network members.

Are you interested in joining the Civil Society Hub for actors addressing populist movements?

The Hub is open to project managers, researchers and practitioners that are working on initiatives to safeguard liberal democracy and/or address populist movements. This may cover a wide range of activities from participatory activities to trainings, online activation, and research.

If you are interested in joining the Civil Society Hub, please submit your application by using the following form.


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