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The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is an international, Brussels-based non-profit organisation with a pan-European membership and 28 years of experience. Our mission is to empower citizens in order to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union by:

  • Promoting and defending citizens’ rights
  • Developing and supporting mechanisms to increase citizens and citizen organisations’ democratic participation in, and engagement with, the EU. 

ECAS NGO - 18/02/2020 10:21

Explore what the #EuropeanCitizenInitiative Forum can do for you⏩https://t.co/oBFHEEiTi2 https://t.co/WIvVRQ8zB8

ECAS NGO - 17/02/2020 12:12

RT @EESC_LiaisonG: Who said: "A final way for citizens to hold on to control would be to give them a direct say in the rules that govern th…

ECAS NGO - 14/02/2020 16:37

Has this happened to you? Non-EU national living w/ EU wife in host MS: *holds residence card *can travel w/ wife… https://t.co/NVFQepVFtb

ECAS NGO - 14/02/2020 13:26

RT @EESC_LiaisonG: Feeling lonely on the Valentine's Day? Come to the #ECIDay2020 and meet those who bring millions of citizens together…

ECAS NGO - 14/02/2020 12:09

RT @democracy_intl: ATTN 🔜 Registration Deadline Feb 21 Approaching! The #EuropeanCitizensInitiative 2.0 is all about supporting citizen en…

ECAS NGO - 12/02/2020 16:22

What does the digital future hold for EU citizen participation?🔮A lot! Explore it at #ECIDay2020 w/ ECAS Senior Man… https://t.co/wJyzRZec1F

ECAS NGO - 07/02/2020 13:33

How can the #EuropeanCitizensInitiative lead the way to a stronger, citizen-centric European Union?🇪🇺 Read ECAS Exe… https://t.co/BjgctEpjyk

ECAS NGO - 07/02/2020 13:12

Why do we need updated @EU_Commission Communication on the #FreeMovement Directive? 👉EU🧍traveling soon to another… https://t.co/HBLylAdEOO

ECAS NGO - 07/02/2020 10:19

RT @democracy_intl: 🤝Making the #EuropeanCitizensInitiative 2.0 work together! What to expect in the new regulation, a hands-on testing of…

ECAS NGO - 06/02/2020 13:47

📣Another #EuropeanCitizensInitiative makes it! #MinoritySafePack met w/ Commissioners @VeraJourova @GabrielMariya l… https://t.co/dtidHHiHPI

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