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The European Citizen Action Service

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is an international, Brussels-based non-profit organisation with a pan-European membership and more than 30 years of experience. Our mission is to empower citizens in order to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union by:

  • Promoting and defending citizens’ rights
  • Developing and supporting mechanisms to increase citizens and citizen organisations’ democratic participation in, and engagement with, the EU.

European Parliament Elections Campaign

Check our resources and get the support you need to keep our democracy healthy.

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ECAS Podcast: Europeans on the Vote

Our first episode is up and ready for your listening pleasure!

A free-of-charge Consultation Service for Civil Society Organisations and Civil Movements

To be present and support the uptake of local civil society all over Europe, we developed the Civil Society Accelerator (CSA).

Civil Society Against Disinformation

In 2022 and 2023 ECAS fosters the creation of civil society coalitions in Central and Eastern Europe with one goal – countering disinformation and building resilience against it.

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Connect with others, learn from experience and jump-start your initiative.

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Main focus areas

European Rights

ECAS empowers citizens to exercise their rights and campaigns for an inclusive, transparent and democratic Europe, where the benefits of EU citizenship can be fully tapped.

European Democracy

The European Democracy Agenda supports EU citizens with 3 objectives: participatory and digital democracy, understanding populism, and online disinformation.

Training Centre

ECAS' Training Centre provides a wide collection of training programmes for civil society professionals, legal experts and citizens that want to make the most out of what the EU has to offer.

Some kind words

“You are helping to change the world! A most sincere THANK YOU for the great work you do for ECIs and especially for your support for the End The Cage Age ECI.”

Compassion in World Farming EU Testimony
Testimonial Compassion in World Farming EU Testimony

“Thank you very much for the good results achieved with YouVoteEU. We would like to congratulate you on the success of this tool, which raised the interest of other stakeholders such as EurActiv, Politico and EU Observer, who shared the tool on their online platforms.”

Authorising Officer of YouVoteEU, European Commission
Testimonial Authorising Officer of YouVoteEU, European Commission

“Alliance ELIANT is most thankful for the excellent work of the ECAS team! ECAS has helped us on various occasions, ranging from support in planning our events to research, collecting and organizing data for our campaigns. Their professional and skillful performance has turned ECAS in one of our most trusted partners in Brussels.”

ELIANT testimony
Testimonial ELIANT testimony

“I am so glad to have attended this webinar! THANK YOU SO MUCH! and I look forward to collaborating with the people here”.

ECI Webinar Participant
Testimonial ECI Webinar Participant

“Boa tarde, muito obrigado pelas informações, me ajudou muito a ter uma ideia de como devo proceder. Fiquei muito feliz pelo retorno”.

Your Europe Advice – Portugal
Testimonial Your Europe Advice – Portugal