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The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is an international, Brussels-based non-profit organisation with a pan-European membership and 27 years of experience. Our mission is to empower citizens in order to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union by:

  • Promoting and defending citizens’ rights
  • Developing and supporting mechanisms to increase citizens and citizen organisations’ democratic participation in, and engagement with, the EU. 

ECAS NGO - 22/06/2018 08:15

Our #DigitalDemocracy Manager @ElisaLironi will be speaking about #eparticipation and #edemocracy at a meeting next… https://t.co/8ROTxW11CW

ECAS NGO - 21/06/2018 16:19

Our #DigitalDemocracy Manager @ElisaLironi will be speaking about #eparticipation and #edemocracy next week in Berl… https://t.co/wlLLRvD71p

ECAS NGO - 21/06/2018 14:59

We have a new #membership based on our #EURights and #DigitalDemocracy focus areas. If you're interested in joining… https://t.co/W8abizGSoe

ECAS NGO - 21/06/2018 13:21

Digital #etools allow #citizens to fully participate in #policymaking but also interact with decision-makers to coc… https://t.co/wmj5tERlWi

ECAS NGO - 21/06/2018 10:08

The proposal amending the VISA code will provide faster and clearer procedures for mobile #EUcitizens but where wil… https://t.co/C681QKV2Vj

ECAS NGO - 20/06/2018 14:22

RT @The3Million: Brexit: ID scheme for EU citizens in UK 'difficult to achieve' “If just 5% of the estimated 3.4 million EU citizens living…

ECAS NGO - 20/06/2018 10:15

#Crowdsourcing leads to #participation in every field, and to developing new ideas from real life experiences. The… https://t.co/1POhiejK4t

ECAS NGO - 20/06/2018 09:21

RT @ECIReform: 🔜 Get ready for the vote on #ECIreform in @EPInstitutional, indicatively scheduled at 11:40 today! Watch it live 📽👉 https://…

ECAS NGO - 19/06/2018 15:32

Miss our #ECIForum webinar last week and want to know how to get started with a European Citizens' Initiative? Catc… https://t.co/aBD6FtxDPY

ECAS NGO - 19/06/2018 12:48

RT @The3Million: UK to unveil details of plans for EU citizens who wish to remain. After details on #citizensrights postponed last week the…

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