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The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is an international, Brussels-based non-profit organisation with a pan-European membership and 27 years of experience. Our mission is to empower citizens in order to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union by:

  • Promoting and defending citizens’ rights
  • Developing and supporting mechanisms to increase citizens and citizen organisations’ democratic participation in, and engagement with, the EU. 

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 15:40

The @EU_Commission has decided to register TWO NEW #ECIs: registration for the initiative 'Stop starvation for 8% o… https://t.co/cvFd3EQO29

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 15:19

#EUelections are just a few months way. Is your CSO ready to have an impact? #YouVoteEU can help you reach out to m… https://t.co/jrjDTmdWMM

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 14:58

RT @roslynfuller: .@ElisaLironi European Citizens Initiative is frustrating as it requires a lot of work and can result just in a formal re…

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 14:58

RT @roslynfuller: .@ElisaLironi a challenge is getting more people to participate in e-democracy, but also getting politicians to implement…

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 14:58

RT @roslynfuller: .@ElisaLironi talks to us about @ecas_europe and e-democracy at #Demcon2018 https://t.co/3FEzdmtgek

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 14:58

RT @roslynfuller: .@ElisaLironi new #ECI platform with more interactive features launched 2 months ago #DemCon2018 @ecas_europe

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 14:57

Our #Digitaldemocracy Manager @ElisaLironi is conducting a workshop on "Exploring Digital Democracy with #ECAS. Tak… https://t.co/EIhRgQBY26

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 14:25

RT @roslynfuller: Erwin Mayer speaking about his prior experience as a lobbyist and about @democracy_intl #DemCon2018 https://t.co/GSZ8RNaq

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 10:19

RT @roslynfuller: .@CostaVayenas #blockchain e-government services & efficiency at #DemCon2018

ECAS NGO - 19/07/2018 09:00

Excessive delays & retention of personal documents reported as practical barriers to residence rights in the UK 🇬🇧… https://t.co/5aAJ2WSpRf

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