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Human stories Campaign

Europeans on the move: can we feel at home in more than one place?

Why do EU mobile citizens decide to establish themselves in another Member State, whether permanently or temporally? What are the real motivations of intra-EU mobility?

To answer these questions, ECAS is conducting a series of interviews where a wide range of EU mobile citizens share their personal stories and why they found a new home abroad.

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ECAS will launch the “Human Stories” campaign in early 2024 to illustrate the diversity of reasons driving mobility in the European Union, especially those linked with values and emotions. 


The project is co-funded by the CERV programme of the European Union under the EURECA project. ECAS opened a tender to commission an experienced contractor to develop ten visually attractive and dynamic videos.


The ECAS series of human stories will portray and provoke discussions on intra-EU mobility decisions, as the outcome of rational cost-benefit analysis can only be explained and generalised with due regard to the significance of individual character traits, values, feelings and aspirations.

ECAS commissioned the production of these videos to Tripwire, an experienced creativity agency based in Barcelona.

Our human stories project aims to create videos of EU mobile citizens’ testimonies living in another Member State than the one they were born in.

Our goal is to break stereotypes around the real motivations of intra-EU mobility and show the multiple factors that lead EU mobile citizens to move to another Member State.

We have so far interviewed citizens demonstrating that the individual stories behind the decision to leave their home are always more complex than they seem and involve a variety of factors that are often rather emotional than rational.

  • Meet Michal, Polish living in Sweden


  • Meet Carmen, Romanian living in Belgium


  • Meet Nina, French living in Belgium