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Enhancing the role of CSOs in Bulgaria for protecting and promoting EU fundamental rights and values

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ProEUValuesBG raises public awareness of EU values at national, regional and local levels in Bulgaria and provides capacity-building and financial support to Bulgarian CSOs in order to enhance their role as key messengers. Two funding streams are available for applicants – one for grassroots CSOs and the other for initiatives and strategic actions from more experienced organisations.

ECAS leads the project’s capacity-building work, providing training in both online and in- person environments to aspiring and selected applicant organisations. Grassroots CSOs selected in the smaller funding stream receive intensive and detailed capacity-building, while masterclasses and exchanges of good practices will support organisations implementing larger projects. The training programme called “Guide,” will focus on the three thematic areas of the call – European rights, Democracy and Non-discrimination.

The project is led by the Open Society Institute – Sofia (OSIS) in collaboration with ECAS and Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF). 

January 2023- December 2025

  • Organise info days in six regions in Bulgaria to provide technical information on the application process as well as an introduction to EU rights and values for third-party CSOs that are interested in applying for financial support.
  • Set up webinars on EU values-related subjects in three thematic areas – EU rights, Democracy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (each thematic area webinar to be held twice).
  • Organise a training on EU values practical implementation for third parties from the small projects scheme.
  • Put together three masterclasses for third parties from the large projects scheme, providing in-depth expert knowledge and examples of practical implementation of projects promoting EU values through case studies.
  • Foster (jointly with WCIF) a community of practice by organising four online networking sessions for third parties implementing projects within both schemes to create synergies between the projects.
  • Participate in the creation of the EU Values online toolkit, which would include relevant case studies and self-assessment quizzes to provide learners with an evaluation of their EU values-related knowledge.
Assya Kavrakova, ECAS Executive Director