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Road to European Parliament 2019

Road to European Parliament 2019 – Empowering a new generation of EU citizens (REP 2019)

Road to European Parliament 2019 – Empowering a new generation of EU citizens (REP2019) aims to contribute to the growth of a new generation of young citizens capable of critically assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the European Union and to propose innovative solutions for enhancing citizens’ participation in the European democratic life. This goal will be achieved by designing and delivering a training programme on the role and functioning of the EU institutions, tailored to interest students attending their last year of high school. The training programme will also aim at fostering young people’s participation in the EU’s decision-making process.

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The project will involve 250 students from rural areas of 5 different EU countries – Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain and Romania. Five transnational events will be organised in the different countries.

The training programme will be based on a set of innovative and diverse learning activities, such as role play blocks aimed at showing how EU legislation is created – from consulting interest groups/civil society organisations on policy issues to the different role of EU institutions in the legislative process. Young students will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of the EU institutions’ role and functioning and understand the benefits of working with other countries’ in order to build innovative scenarios for the future of the Union.

This project is implemented in partnership with the following organisations:

March 2019 – July 2020

ECAS will lead the entire project’s communication activities. ECAS will participate in the training-of-the-trainers workshop and in the transnational events and will provide feedback on the training programme. Furthermore, ECAS will provide assistance in the management and coordination and in evaluating the quality of deliverables. ECAS’ specific tasks will include:

  • Preparation of a communication and dissemination plan;
  • Production of the project website to be managed by ECAS, in cooperation with all partners;
  • Creation and updating of project profiles on main social networks (Facebook and Instagram);
  • Production of a leaflet illustrating the project’s objectives, outputs, description of the partners and their role;
  • Production of 5 electronic newsletters (on a 3-months basis) in English to be disseminated through the partners’ network;
  • Support in the organisation of the final conference, with a specific focus on the definition of agenda and invitation of participants.