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Deconstructing Controversies to design a trusted AI future

27 May 2024
Technology needs to be developed in a way that is both innovative and ethical. 

When contemplating the future of artificial intelligence (AI), we need to take social controversies into consideration.

In this article, a new approach will be brought forward, illustrating how foresight exercises can be used to help shaping the future of AI. A detailed method allowing relevant stakeholders to identify and deconstruct key controversies is presented, including its application to the EU-funded popAI project.

The core vision of the popAI project was to foster trust in AI for the security domain via increased awareness, ongoing social engagement, consolidating knowledge on the topic and offering a unified European view across Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).


More about this project: popAI – A European Positive Sum Approach towards AI tools in support of Law Enforcement and safeguarding privacy and fundamental rights (