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ECAS Citizenship Innovation Awards

Help us foster participation in the EU elections!

European Parliament elections are coming soon!
EU citizens of voting age will be able to submit their ballots for members of the European Parliament. With the voting age now lowered to 16 years old in Austria, Belgium, Greece and Malta, an estimated 270,000 teenagers will be able to vote in June 2024.
As we know, the turnout of the European Parliament elections in 2019 was still relatively low (50.66%). Multiple factors may have been at stake: difficulties in registering, limited information on the role of the European Parliament, lack of political interest, etc.
Therefore, the first phase of the 2023 edition of the ECAS Awards will open on July 25th 2023, and focus on understanding how to create awareness and increase political participation.

  • Objectives
  • How to participate?
  • Winners and awards

Background: The ECAS Citizenship Innovation Awards, launched by ECAS in 2020, give voice to citizens who wish to express their thoughts on their EU rights. In 2020, citizens were asked to elect the most EU mobile citizens-friendly locations. In the 2021 edition, citizens, academics, creatives and civil society organisations shared innovative ideas about EU citizenship. In 2022, citizens were invited to imagine renewed rights attached to their EU citizenship via our crowdsourcing platform.

In 2023, citizens were invited to share ideas on encouraging political participation. As a high turnout is crucial in safeguarding democratic values, we want to hear about challenges and solutions to foster political engagement.

Visit our crowdsourcing platform.

Where: ECAS crowdsourcing platform is where the magic happens.

Who: If You are an EU citizen, log in to the platform and provide your suggestion so that your idea can win one of the awards.

The three ideas which have gathered the most votes will be announced at an Awards Ceremony in Brussels in March 2025 and be rewarded with:

  • A trip to Brussels to the ECAS Awards Ceremony (accommodation costs will be covered);
  • A prize of EUR 200.

The winning ideas will be promoted through tailor-made videos produced by ECAS.