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European Citizenship Accelerator (EURECA)

The European Citizenship Accelerator (EURECA) project will further develop the capacities of ECAS and its network of members and strategic partners to deliver their mission of empowering citizens and promoting EU citizenship rights and will give citizens the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of the European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP) and the EU Citizenship Report 2020.

  • Objectives
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EURECA aims at strengthening European citizenship and identity through citizens’ engagement, supporting the post-COVID restoration of freedom of movement in the EU, fostering EU mobile citizens’ rights, including their voting rights and political and socio-economic integration in the host countries. This will be achieved through capacity building of rights advice organisations and public authorities in the EU Member States, awareness raising campaigns targeting citizens throughout the EU and policy recommendations for a more enabling environment for EU citizens’ rights and fundamental freedoms enforcement.

EURECA annual awards and Citizen Activation Mentoring Scheme will contribute to advancing the European citizenship concept through engaging citizens and CSOs in idea generation and exchange of good practices.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission, Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV) programme

  • ECAS leads the implementation of all project activities and ensures their sound financial and content management.
  • ECAS will develop and implement Equality, Diversity and Inclusion plan to mainstream inclusion of under-represented groups in all is activities and ensure gender equality and non-discrimination safeguards.

4-year Operating Grant framework contract (2022 – 2025)