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My Mobility Mentor

an experiment for workers from Bulgaria and Romania going to other EU Member States

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My Mobility Mentor – an experiment for workers from Bulgaria and Romania going to other EU Member States” was a project funded by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion) and implemented by ECAS in cooperation with other civil society organizations:

The project aimed to create a network of rights advisors who could mentor Bulgarian and Romanian workers moving to Belgium, Italy and the UK by providing them with information on moving to those countries to work, by mentoring them during their stay, and by providing them with legal support should they need it. In addition to the five actively participating countries, existing sources of legal information were monitored and assessed in Denmark and Ireland as well.

March 2014 – February 2015

  • Coordinated the activity of the consortium of rights’ advisors under the project in terms of methodology, unified standards for mentoring, timely delivery of outputs and financial accountability.
  • Created and managed a dedicated web hub providing information on EU rights of migrant workers.
  • Coordinated the development of Practical Guides for EU migrant workers moving to Belgium, the UK and Italy and elaborated the part on Belgium.
  • Monitored and assessed information sources in Belgium and at EU level.
  • Provided technical assistance and support to the Pre-departure information meetings in Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Organised a Post-arrival “Town-Hall” meeting in Belgium.
  • Provided mentoring and legal support to workers in Belgium.
  • Organised the overall evaluation of the project in terms of both management challenges and implementation outcomes, including the feedback and evaluation meeting.

Outcomes of the project

  • Developed a website to provide guidance to Bulgarians and Romanians planning to move
  • Developed Practical Guides in 6 different languages: