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Your Europe Advice: Entry Procedures is the Most Enquired About Legal Topic in 2018

11 June 2019

On a daily basis, the legal experts of Your Europe Advice (YEA) receive numerous questions that, though always related to EU and national law, cover a variety of issues that EU citizens deal with. In 2018 alone, they replied to 19,194 unique enquiries related to all 28 Member States, as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

ECAS has summarised key statistics and details of the enquiries received in the previous year, which also provide an insight into the problems experienced by EU citizens when exercising their right of free movement. Based on the nature of enquiries, YEA has also provided recommendations for Member States on how to improve the interpretation and enforcement of EU laws.

To download the Your Europe Advice Annual Trends 2018 infographic, please click here.

To download the recommendations, please click here.

Your Europe Advice (YEA) is an EU legal advice service available to citizens and businesses. The service is managed by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) under contract with and on behalf of the European Commission1. It consists of a team of 60 lawyers who provide responses in all 24 official EU languages and are familiar with both EU and national laws in all EU Member States.