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Call for Members

17 June 2024

ECAS is looking for members from Malta, Finland, and Slovakia to join our mission of empowering citizens to create a more inclusive and stronger European Union. 

As an international organisation with 30 years of experience empowering EU citizens to exercise their rights, we aim to extend our partnerships in the countries mentioned.

Membership is free of charge, and we offer a service package to organisations and individuals. 

This package includes:

  • Daily media updates on the latest news concerning European issues;
  • Monthly newsletter with the main trends in the field;
  • Promotion of Members’ projects and activities through our social media channels;
  • Participation in annual informal meetings/webinars on EU Rights and Digital Democracy;
  • Participation in ECAS General Assembly as Governing Members (only for Organisations applying for that). 

Since 2018, our members have been an essential and strategic component of our organisation, ensuring we consistently deliver results and address ongoing challenges. Currently, we have more than 90 members from 42 countries chosen for their professional and real-world experience. Members are appointed in their individual capacity.

More information about our membership is available here: 

To indicate your interest in joining this dynamic network, please email Anita Marullo at