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Recommendations on Learning Mobility: Insights from the Digital Dashboard

17 October 2017
learning mobility

As part of the DEEP-linking Youth project, ECAS has developed a set of recommendations for decision-makers on how to improve learning mobility programmes for young people in Europe.

The recommendations, based on the challenges to learning mobility that were identified through monitoring of our Digital Dashboard, research conducted by the Erasmus Student Network, ‘Boot Camps’ with young people and a live Facebook chat with MEP Brando Benifei, relate to finance, housing, universities, accessibility, and other issues. They include:

  • Further increase the difference in the scholarships depending on destination country (or
    destination region, or city…).
  • Educate students about the true and comparative cost of their studies across the various
  • Draw up more precise guidelines on accommodation for students linked to the Erasmus+
    programme (especially in the Erasmus Charter on Higher Education).
  • Bring the topic of housing as a higher priority in the DG EAC and National Agencies of Erasmus+.
  • Look at how the application process can be simplified or streamlined.
  • Increase the scholarship for less-popular destinations.
  • Make cities and the surroundings of universities more accessible.
  • Keep expanding Erasmus opportunities to non-Programme Countries in the future.
  • Strengthen the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) and make it available for a longer period of
    time before departure.

ECAS has also produced the report ‘E-Participation Guidelines for Decision-Makers: Social Listening Through the Digital Dashboard‘ as part of the project.

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