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ECAS’ Work Programme 2018 – Empowering Citizens and Enhancing Participation

10 January 2018

In 2018, ECAS will be actively defending and advocating for EU citizens’ rights, as well as seeking to enhance democratic engagement and participation in EU decision-making and providing training and services to civil society organisations.

Activities for the year incorporate EU projects, services to citizens, advocacy and awareness-raising, research and analysis, events in our focus areas as well as funding advice and training.

ECAS’ main activities will include:

  • Providing free legal advice to citizens and businesses on their EU rights;
  • Implementing research and advocacy projects on the post-Brexit impact on different types of citizens’ rights, as well as to ensure the correct application of free movement rules and the successful inclusion of EU mobile citizens in their host EU country’s civic and political life;
  • Implementing projects to enhance participation and foster democratic debate on the future of the EU through the use of online platforms and crowdsourcing procedures;
  • Providing advice to ECI organisers and developing an online ECI platform;
  • Training and capacity-building for civil society organisations.

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