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Brussels for CLEAN AIR

Brussels for CLEAN AIR - Crowdsourcing to improve air quality

Clean air is essential to our everyday health and well-being! However, the reality for too many citizens in Brussels is that exposure to unhealthy air quality is a daily experience.

The problem of Air pollution reaches from the local level to the transnational level. This is why solutions to tackle it and achieve healthy air quality need to be just as far-reaching. Our Brussels voices must be considered as much as views of people from all over Europe.

  • 4 phases
  • Citizens' impact on policy making
  • Be part of the solution to air pollution!
  1. Phase ‘Problem Mapping’ (January – March) – Citizens will identify problems related to air quality that they encounter in their daily life.
  2. Phase ‘Problem Solving’ (April – June) – Citizens will propose solutions to the ‘air quality’ problems they have mapped in Phase 1.
  3. Phase ‘Ideas Selection’ (July – September) – Citizens will evaluate the solutions proposed in Phase 2 in order to highlight the most popular ideas and priorities for European policy-makers
  4. Phase ‘Policy Formulation’ (October – December) – Based on the previous phases, citizens will formulate policy proposals on ‘air quality’ with experts in the field and guided by the European Environmental Bureau.

Once the crowdsourcing will be over, in 2023 we will ensure your top ideas will reach EU decision makers. With your support, we will have an impact on future policy on environmental issues, such as the EU’s Revision of the Ambient Air Quality Directives; The Industrial Emissions Directive; Zero Pollution Action Plan or the National Emission Ceilings Directive that will be revised in 2025.

As a citizen of Brussels, you can join our crowdsourcing platform. Voice your concerns and tell us how you think your local, national and European decision makers should improve air quality! You will have the opportunity not only to propose concrete solutions that can be implemented in Brussels, but also long-term strategies to be taken up at the EU level. Air pollution must be tackled as a global challenge.