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European Elections Dystopia

Strengthening the European elections through crowdsourcing

European parliamentary elections allow citizens to elect representatives who shape policies affecting their daily lives. Safeguarding against dangerous democratic situations is vital to maintain stability, protect human rights, and prevent the rise of authoritarian tendencies that can undermine the European values that unite us all.

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In 2023, ECAS will run a crowdsourcing process in all 27 Member States to challenge EU citizens to discuss the topic of a ‘European Elections Dystopia’.

The European Elections Dystopia project aims to address the crisis of representative democracy by engaging EU citizens through innovative participatory methods.

The goal is to have citizens reflect together across Europe on how to prevent dangerous democratic situations that may arise from the European Parliament Elections in 2024.

The results from the Crowdsourcing activity will lead to a final report with recommendations on improving the European Parliament Elections and the European Parliament. They will be delivered to the EU Institutions and current and candidate MEPs in time for the European Elections 2024.

According to research and specifically the analysis of lessons learnt from local and national crowdsourcing experiences in Europe, e-participation has the potential to be a vehicle for innovative, forward-looking, and constructive engagement of citizens in the co-creation of a more democratic Union.

ECAS believes this method of citizen engagement can complement representative democracy to strengthen it and respond to citizens’ demands for more participation in the decision-making process at all levels.

Are you ready to shape the future? With the European Elections 2024 just around the corner, it is your chance to make a difference.

As a European Union citizen, you can join our crowdsourcing platform. Share your fears about the potential outcomes of the European elections, and tell us how you think we can prevent this from happening.

As a token of our appreciation, we are excited to announce a prize competition exclusively for participants. The competition is organised by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) and will be held from 18 July 2023 at 11:00 am CEST to 30 November 2023 at 11:59 pm CET.

To participate in the competition, participants must comply with the following rules:

  • Complete the questionnaire using a registered account. You will need to create an account and sign in when answering the questionnaire.
  • Follow ECAS on at least two social media channels (FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitter).

There will be three prizes to be drawn.

1- Apple M2 MacBook Air 13″

2- Apple iPhone 14 128 GB

3- Once-in-a-lifetime experiences to add to your travel bucket list

Each participant can win only once. The winners will be drawn on 6 December 2023 from all participants (individuals) who have complied with the rules of participation explained above.

For more information about the prize competition, refer to the terms and conditions.