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Your Europe Advice – 2016 Single Market Scoreboard

11 July 2017
Your Europe

The Your Europe Advice (YEA) legal advice service, which ECAS manages on behalf of the European Commission, has received high praise in the 2016 Single Market Scorecard for the timeliness and quality of replies, quality control, reporting back to the Commission and number of enquiries responded to.

In 2016, the service continued to improve its efficiency, responding to 99% of enquiries within four working days, despite the number of enquiries doubling since 2009 and questions getting increasingly complex.

YEA also contributed significantly to updating and improving the Your Europe Portal, provided quality feedback to Commission policy units, gave real-time advice to citizens and businesses and maintained an effective direct transfer system to other Commission support services.

Future priorities

The report demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of YEA, recognising achievements in all aspects of the service. Without any negatives to report, priorities for the future are to intensify cooperation with other Commission support services, further improve the quality and user-friendliness of the service, continue to contribute to improving the Your Europe Portal, maintaining the high level of replies and exploring the use of interactive tools for delivering advice.

We would like to thank all of our legal experts for contributing to a very successful 2016.

Read the report here

Speed of replies and number of enquiries