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Survey on needs of mobile SMEs

03 October 2023

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) invites you to submit your feedback on the needs and obstacles faced by “mobile” SME’s (i.e. an EU SMEs doing or intending to do business in another EU MS).  

Participants to the survey are invited to identify three areas in which a mobile SME faces problems and/or lacks information on and would be beneficial for it to know more for succeeding in its cross-border operations. (e.g., teleworking requirements, cross border VAT etc.)

In the framework of the European Year of Skills ECAS is launching a training programme on EU rights, also covering those that pertain to SME’s and self-employed persons.

In order to enhance our understanding of the needs of mobile SMEs, ECAS kindly asks your input:

**The closing date of the survey is Friday 3 November.  

For further information please contact Georgios Klis (