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ECAS Citizenship Innovation Awards 2022 Winners

03 April 2023

The ECAS Citizenship Innovation Awards celebrates citizens’ ideas on new rights that are currently missing and yet are at the heart of EU citizens’ activities and concerns.

The winners were honoured at the ECAS Citizenship Innovation Awards 2022, organised in conjunction with the State of the Union Citizens’ Rights 2023 Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on March 21, 2023.

Below you can find the 2022 awardees…

1- Mathilde Pottier for proposing to create an EU Health Platform allowing free access to healthcare independently of location. 

“Many problems are now occurring related to health when European citizens are outside their own country. I propose to create an EU Health platform, which will allow all the EU health actors to quickly find all the tools they need to maximise the efficiency of the patient’s health journey.”

Rewatch Mathilde’s speech when receiving the award here.

2- Patric Lausch for defending the right to access bank funds without additional fees, transaction charges & conversion fees.

“Travelling and working around Europe has been proved a challenge when it comes to accessing my hard-earned money; banks charge citizens for all sorts of transactions, not to mention the need to open a bank account per country of professional activity, instead of being able to receive my payments in one common account.”

Rewatch Patric’s speech when receiving the award here.

3- Konstantsa Karaleeva for defending the right to have equal marriage & parental rights.

“You cannot be considered a parent in one EU country and not in others. Equal parental rights should be the same in all Member States so all families can travel freely”.

Rewatch Konstantsa’s speech when receiving the award here.