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EU Rights Clinic’s Complaint Against Sweden Features in Media Outlets

20 December 2017

On 14 November, The EU Rights Clinic submitted a complaint to the European Commission against Sweden for the refusal of the Swedish tax authorities to issue a personal identification number – ‘personnummer’ – to EU citizens and their family members living in Sweden, preventing them from engaging in everyday life in Sweden.

The complaint has featured in articles published on Europe Street News and The Local Sweden (see the list below),

About the complaint

The complaint addresses the issue related to the Swedish population register law, which requires EU citizens to demonstrate that they will reside in Sweden for a year or more before being able to obtain a personal identification number – ‘personnummer’.

In addition, the complaint brings to the attention of the Commission Sweden’s unduly restrictive administrative policy on comprehensive sickness insurance, which does not accept either private healthcare or reliance on the public healthcare system.

In conjunction with the complaint, the EU Rights Clinic has also submitted a petition to the European Parliament.

Read the executive summary of the complaint here
Petition to the European Parliament – submitted on 15 December 2017

Media coverage

Europe Street News – Complaint filed against Sweden for breach of EU free movement rules
The Local Sweden – ‘Sweden in breach of EU law for refusal to issue a personnummer to EU citizens’
The Local Sweden – ‘Sweden is being discriminatory towards other EU citizens’: Swedish MEP on personal number problems’
Neue Zürcher Zeitung – ‘Kein Anschluss ohne diese Nummer’