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Revising the ECI: How to make it ‘fit for purpose’

21 April 2017

On 20 April, our Director was featured on EurActiv on how to make the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) fit for purpose. She elaborates seven concrete recommendations extracted from an evidence-based opinion that was submitted by ECAS and adopted by the REFIT platform in June 2016. The article is in response to the announcement by Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans at the 2017 ECI Day on 11 April that the Commission plans to submit a proposal to revise the ECI Regulation later this year.

We recommend the European Commission be bound to follow up a successful ECI. This does not necessarily mean a direct change to EU legislation. The follow-up could be in the form of an inter-institutional debate on the ECI results for example.

After five years of frustration for ECI organisers, and a rise in populism and Euroscepticism across the EU, an ECI that is ‘fit for purpose’ could reinvigorate European citizenship and restore trust in the European project.

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