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YouVoteEU: the New Platform for the 2019 European Elections and Beyond!

20 July 2018

The next European elections are just around the corner.

As a citizen, are you already wondering how to make sure that the issues you care about are represented in the election campaign?

As a civil society organisation, are you wondering how to reach out to citizens and and get them on your side while trying to make candidates commit to your cause?

Do you want to advocate your cause to both citizens and MEPs in time for next year’s European Elections?

Sign up to YouVoteEU – the new platform for the 2019 European Elections and beyond!

YouVoteEU is a participatory platform that connects millions of citizens throughout Europe with civil society organisations, candidates and political parties.

YouVoteEU is an interactive public space where citizens can discover parties’ and candidates’  positions on issues of great interest to the public, and organisations can make an impact by contributing to the public debate.

This platform is a virtual arena where your organisation will be able to inform voters about your ideas and your proposals.

If you are looking for a place where you can engage voters and hold candidates accountable for their electoral pledges, you are in the right place! Sign up to YouVoteEU here.


The YouVoteEU platform was created by a partnership made up of ECAS, Riparte Il Futuro, VoteWatch Europe, Vouliwatch and Collegium Civitas in the framework of the You Vote EU project, which is aimed at stimulating the participation of EU citizens in the 2019 European Parliament elections and increase the understanding of current and future EU policies.