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Network in Focus 2017: Key Concerns of Citizens Affected By Brexit

16 November 2017

ECAS has featured in the European Network of Ombudsmen’s annual ‘Network in Focus‘ magazine, published on 9 November 2017.

Following the presentation of the results of the survey ‘What Do Citizens Want From Brexit?’ at the European Network of Ombudsmen conference in June 2017 by ECAS’ Executive Director Assya Kavrakova (see video below), ECAS provided an analysis of the key concerns of UK and EU citizens affected by Brexit.

While the top concerns of both UK and EU citizens are related to restrictions to the right to move freely, UK citizens are more afraid of losing their European citizenship and of the economic impact of Brexit. EU citizens, on the other hand, are more concerned about an uncertain future and fear discrimination and xenophobia.

As a consequence of the EU referendum vote in the UK, an increasing number of UK and EU citizens consider themselves less aware of their rights than before. The most valued rights of both UK and EU citizens are the right to: enter, live and work in another EU country; not to be discriminated against; and access the reciprocal healthcare system in another EU country.

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