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Citizens Panel Forms First Online Public Consultation

09 May 2018

For the first time in EU history a group of European citizens from 27 Member States were invited to form the European Citizens’ Panel on the Future of Europe. The purpose of this panel was to co-create an online public consultation containing a total of 12 questions, drafted by the citizens themselves.

The questions of the consultation, which were launched this afternoon in all EU languages in the occasion of Europe day, were formed by a group of 80 European citizens. They had convened in Brussels to work together at the European Economic and Social Committee from 5-6 May 2018.

The European Commission will keep Member States up-to-date on the results from the first six months of the consultation at the December European Council. A final report will be presented at the EU Summit in Sibiu, Romania in May 2019.

EU online public consultations are a tool which offer the opportunity for European citizens and civil society to participate in EU decision-making.

For ECAS’ full study on the purpose of consultations and the current consultation practices at EU level, and how the EESC and civil society organisations (CSOs) can improve EU consultations.

Take part in the consultation here.