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Participatory workshop: “There’s something in the air”

19 April 2022
Citizens of Brussels are invited to join the “There’s something in the Air” workshop on 27 April at 19.00h in BeCentral (Cantersteen 10)!

As part of the Brussels for Clean Air campaign, JEF Brussels and the European Citizens Action Service are organising this participative democracy event. It is the occasion not only to present the most cited problems in Brussels when it comes to Air pollution, but also to jointly find solutions! Just like on our platform.

The BRAL will also provide insights on the outcomes of the Curieuzenair project to get an overview of the current air quality in Brussels.

Find more information about the event here, or sign up directly!


Draft Programme

19.00 – 19.05  | Welcoming

  • Nikolas Kockelmann, Board Member, JEF Brussels & Citizen Ambassador of Brussels for CLEAN AIR

19.05 – 19.15 | Presentation of the Project

  • Hendrik Nahr, Outreach and Network Manager, ECAS

19.15 – 19.20 | Presentation of the Phase 1 results

  • Anna van de Moosdijk, Campaign and Communications Intern, ECAS

19.20 – 19.30 | Keynote Speech: Results from Curieuzenair

  • Raf Pauly, BRAL Citizens Action Brussels

19.30 – 19.35  | Introduction of the experts and subgroups

19.35 – 20.15  | Participation activity in five subgroups: division by problems

  • Health & Inequalities
    Expert: Sophie Hecq, Maison Biloba Huis (tbc)
    Moderator: JEF / ECAS
    Language: French
  • Domestic heating, construction & Industrial pollution
    Expert on domestic heating & construction: Sven Dammann, Clean Air Activist & Citizen Ambassador of Brussels for CLEAN AIR
    Expert on industrial pollution: tbc
    Moderator: JEF / ECAS
    Language: French or English
  • Transport pollution
    Expert: Geoffrey Usé, President of GRACQ & Citizen Ambassador of Brussels for CLEAN AIR
    Moderator: JEF / ECAS
    Language: French
  • Agricultural pollution & environmental degradation
    Expert: Roxane Choiseau, Engaged citizen in Climate action & President of JEF Brussels
    Moderator: JEF / ECAS
    Language: English
  • Weak pollution management & quality of life on the big boulevards
    Expert: Tim Cassiers, BRAL Citizens Action Brussels
    Moderator: JEF / ECAS
    Language: English / French

20.15 – 20.30 | 15 minutes break (snacks, drinks, etc.)

20.30 – 21.00 | Presentations of the solutions

  • 3-5 minutes per group
  • Moderation: Anna van de Moosdijk and Nikolas Kockelmann

21.00 – 21.30 | Q&A and Closure

21.30             | Informal Reception