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Live Chat on Heathcare in the EU on 17 November

18 November 2015

Our experts from the Your Europe Advice team, together with experts from DG Employment and DG Health of the European Commission, replied on Tuesday 17 November to several questions asked by citizens on their rights to healthcare in another EU country through a live Facebook chat.

Questions addressed different issues faced by EU citizens when travelling, studying or living abroad in another EU country, including the validity and recognition of cross-border prescriptions, the use of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), the management of transplant lists at national level and the portability of prescribed treatments from one country to another, to mention a few.

As part of the Your Europe Advice service that issues free legal advice to EU citizens on their rights in the EU, which is supported by the European Commission, several online chats of the kind have been jointly organised by the Commission and ECAS. They are meant to allow citizens to pose direct questions to our legal experts on specific issues related to their rights in an interactive way. Another Facebook chat was organised in April this year on EU passenger rights, where citizens could ask questions on the type of valid documents to travel within the EU or the actions available to them in cases of cancellations, delays or lost luggage.

For more information contact: Claire Damilano