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Join us in Cyprus to Debate Opportunities for Citizen Engagement with EU Institutions

04 November 2015
Our partner in Cyprus,  the NGO Support Centre, is organizing a public debate entitled “Civil Society and the EU” on the 6th of November in Nicosia. The debate will take place at the EU House in Nicosia and will explore the ways citizens and Civil Society Organizations can actively participate in and influence the policy making process of the European Union.

Moreover, representatives of citizen initiatives and Civil Society Organizations will present their experiences and suggestions on how to enhance the cooperation between Civil Society and the EU institutions.

This debate is organised under the U-Impact project – a project launched in April 2015 and implemented by 9 partners which aims at fostering a meaningful debate with policy-makers and at creating mechanisms for turning citizen involvement into effective impact on EU policy. The two previous events in Sofia (Bulgaria) and in Bucharest (Romania) focused, respectively, on the EU citizens ‘in limbo’, and on the Schengen dilemma and the implications for free movement rights in the EU. 

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