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Improvements in the European Citizens’ Initiative Regulation and Procedure Outlined by ECAS Expert

16 January 2020

A flexible timeline, straightforward signature collection, simplified registration and a new, user -friendly forum, are among the major improvements of the European Citizen’s Initiative introduced in 2020 and featured in a new article by ECAS Senior Manager European Democracy, Elisa Lironi. The article was originally published on the European Commission’s specialised European Citizen’s Initiative Forum.

Changes in the rules of the European Citizens’ Initiative simplify the process from start to end and provide better support for organisers and citizens interested in using this important tool of participatory democracy in the EU. The new Regulation, which entered into force in 2020, brings a number of structural and technical improvements to make the European Citizens’ Initiative more user-friendly and accessible and to facilitate increased participation of European citizens in the democratic process of the Union. The main changes include….

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