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European Gender Equality Week

31 October 2023

As the fourth edition of the European Gender Equality Week, launched by the European Parliament, comes to an end, we at ECAS would like to take this opportunity to appraise our efforts in gender equality and kick the ball further in view of future improvements in this area.

At ECAS, we are committed to fostering and maintaining a working environment aligned with the values of gender equality and non-discrimination based on the grounds of gender. For many years now, we have been striving to promote these values inside and outside our organization, by ensuring equal opportunities for our staff, fair working conditions and women’s representation in the production of all our publications and events.

We strongly believe in and encourage a culture of parity, where everyone contributes to and is called to participate in activities and discussions, and where gender is an aspect of our identity among others which only enriches the exchange and experience for all. We cherish the diversity of voices and recognise the specific challenges faced by people of different genders, as well as the value of their peculiar contributions and perspectives.

To build on past successes and initiatives, in 2024 ECAS will launch a revised and updated strategic plan for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility 2024 – 2026, which will encompass various subjects including gender equality. In an effort to tackle today’s challenges with an intersectional approach, ECAS will promote an all-round plan for three main focus areas: Management, Communication and outreach, and Project development.

In the next three years, we aim to further increase our impact on those areas of action and promote good practices among our network to be a positive influence in the direction of gender equality and non-discrimination on a broad scale, and also in active inclusiveness- and accessibility-driven processes and methods.

So, stay tuned for our upcoming news and initiative!

And let us know what you wish to see in the future. All suggestions are welcome, together we can push gender equality forward at ECAS and beyond.

Share your ideas with ECAS Accessibility and Equity Manager Silvia Demofonti at