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ECAS welcomes the proposal for a European Agency for Citizenship Education

15 January 2021
A New Push for European Democracy can be successful only if the “pushers” have the capacities, abilities and capabilities to push in the right direction – towards strengthening Democracy. This is why citizenship education is so important, in its entirety and with a special emphasis on its European dimension.

ECAS believes in an inclusive, transparent, citizen-centric and democratic European Union in which citizens’ rights are at the heart of decision making at all levels and in which citizens are informed, consulted and active participants.

ECAS’ Call to EU stakeholders (2020 – 2023) includes eight proposals for initiatives to strengthen citizens’ rights and foster participatory democracy, one of which asks “the EU and national governments to invest in formal and informal civic education on active citizenship, democracy, European and national competencies, populism, online disinformation, EU fundamental rights and values and, especially, respect for minorities and their role in an inclusive democratic society, which is being undermined by populists”.

With this call in mind, ECAS welcomes the proposal for an European Agency for Citizenship Education (EACE).

Read our full statement of the ten reasons we support this call here