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ECAS’ Study on Brexit on Europe Street News

18 April 2017

ECAS’ study “5 Takeaways on Brexit: Outlining Possible Scenarios for a New UK-EU Relationship and their Impact on Citizens” was featured on 13 April 2017 on Europe Street news.

“With this report we wanted to show different scenarios currently available for EU citizens’ rights. There might be others. The conclusion is that there is no best alternative to EU membership under which all rights EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU currently enjoy can be guaranteed, at least to the same level as they are today,” said ECAS’ Outreach Manager Marta Pont.

“Voting and political rights are lost in all scenarios. The right of entry, the right to reside, the right to work, social security rights, the right to do business and the right to non-discrimination could be at risk, depending on the scenario. A choice will therefore have to be made as to which ones should be preserved.”

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NB: The infographic was designed by Margherita Gagliardi, Europe Street news.