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ECAS signs an MoU with the Global Policy Research Group

07 April 2023

ECAS signed a memorandum of understanding with the Global Policy Research Group (GPRG).

We are proud to work with GPRG, a non-profit and non-affiliated policy research think tank based in Lund, Sweden, that over the years has provided the space to improve the quality of policy making and has fostered research in the following areas: Development, Economics, EU, International Affairs, Security and Good Governance.

“ECAS is an action-oriented, citizen-centric organisation, grounded in reality. Evidence is the basis for our advocacy towards the European institutions and our awareness-raising campaigns for European citizens. Partnering with a professional youth think tank as the GPRG is the ultimate recipe for success when it comes to impactful mobilization of citizens to counter populist narratives and disinformation or foster artificial intelligence use for the benefit of citizens. Synergies through the complementarity of skills, expertise and scale are what ECAS and GPRG partnership will deliver for the benefit of EU citizens and Democracy!”

Assya Kavrakova, ECAS Executive Director

“Our partnership with ECAS represents a significant stride towards implementing actionable policies. 

By fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, we are confident that we can significantly enhance our capacity to create a positive impact in the communities that we serve.”

Bahadir Sirin, GPRG Founder and President

Our official collaboration with GPRG focuses on the following areas:

  • Co-publishing research and policy papers;
  • Collaborating on events and training activities;
  • Connecting and building partnerships with relevant institutions and organisations;
  • Cooperation in promoting each other’s activities via the most appropriate channels.