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ECAS is One of Europe’s Top Employers for Interns

07 October 2016

LE FIGARO – ECAS is a top employer for interns

Interns have rated ECAS as one of Europe’s top employers according to InternsGoPro, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of internships. ECAS features in the list of top 14 employers, achieving an ‘Advanced’ label for its commitment to providing a quality learning programme for the career development of young people.

ECAS was rated highly in relation to six criteria: remuneration; offer and contract; learning content; supervision; organisational culture and work environment; and, career development and employment.

We are proud of our certification by InternsGoPro, and our interns are rewarded with a quality working environment, clear learning outcomes and excellent career prospects.

Le Figaro article

InternsGoPro rating

Photocredit: Le Figaro