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ECAS is now co-managing the European Hub for Civic Engagement

17 July 2023
European Hub for Civic Engagement

We are proud to become the operational partner of the European Hub for Civic Engagement.

The European Hub strengthens civil society actors by providing the community with resources, toolboxes and funding opportunities for civil society to strengthen democracy.

We are taking over specific responsibilities from Das Progressive Zentrum (DPZ) that will remain in an advisory role. Partners Alliance4Europe and Citizens for Europe (CFE) will continue supporting this platform.

In addition to providing news updates on various topics from social equity and inclusion to combatting disinformation and addressing populism and sharing funding opportunities, we have developed new features for the Hub to provide members with suitable instruments, resources and tools to overcome existing challenges that shrink civic space.

The Civil Society Accelerator (CSA) is a free-of-charge Consultation Service for Civil Society Organisations and Civic Movements: European Hub members can submit requests for advice in the areas of advocacy for EU rights, guidance for effective campaigning, CSO financial management, programme strategy and human resources management.

ECAS Civil Society Hub for actors countering populist narratives and movements, launched in 2021, was revamped and is now part of the European Hub for Civic Engagement. With a new name, “Civic Hub for countering populist narratives and disinformation”, this Hub is open for new members interested in driving democratic pluralistic dialogue and engagement on a national and European scale during the year of the European Parliament elections 2024.

We thank Das Progressive Zentrum for initiating this important Hub and contributing to establishing an engaged community through capacity building activities and many tools needed by civil society actors.

Together with our partners Alliance4Europe and Citizens for Europe (CFE), we commit to keeping up with the excellent job done to date by continuing to support and foster synergies among civil society across Europe for a more democratic, just and sustainable Europe.