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ECAS Highlight of the Week – ECAS Awards 2020 “@HOME”

06 July 2020

“There is no place like home”.

Freedom of movement gives Europeans the opportunity to work, study or settle down in a different European Union (EU) country then their own. But once they arrive, they can often struggle to get their residence documents on time, to find employment or to access healthcare. They are also often insufficiently aware of their political rights or face obstacles when they want to make their voices heard in the local or EU elections.

What turns a destination into a home is the ability to overcome these challenges and integrate into the host society. While this includes personal efforts to do so, it also largely requires help from local authorities and organisations.

In aim to recognise such inclusive practices, in April we launched the ECAS Awards 2020 “@HOME”. The competition is rolling out the red carpet to cities’ and regions’ initiatives that enhance EU freedom of movement and foster the inclusion of mobile EU citizens.


The initiatives can be submitted under the following categories:

  • Practices aimed at alleviating the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on mobile EU citizens
  • Practices aimed at improving entry and residence rights of mobile EU citizens
  • Practices aimed at improving social and cultural inclusion of mobile EU citizens
  • Practices aimed at improving political inclusion of mobile EU citizens.

As the deadline is fast approaching (July 10th), we use this opportunity to encourage potential applicants to submit their initiative and not only bring recognition to these important efforts, but also motivate others to take similar leads!

For full details and to apply, please click here