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ECAS Launches Its 2021 Anniversary Awards on European Citizenship Innovation

16 July 2021
Founded in 1991, ECAS was the first civil society organization to watch the infant EU citizenship grow. It has also been one of its most dedicated promoters. As they both enter their 4th decade, this year’s ECAS Anniversary Awards are forward-looking and aim at encouraging the further development of EU citizenship.

To do that, the ECAS Anniversary Awards 2021 seek to facilitate the flow of innovative ideas on how to enrich the citizenship of the Union with new meanings and practices, both among EU citizens and between them and the EU institutions.

In the wake of the pandemic, it is high time the EU, its citizens, and its citizenship started moving forward again!

To that end, ECAS Anniversary Awards 2021 will give voice to all those citizens, academics, creatives and civil society organisations that have innovative ideas about EU citizenship.

Focus of ECAS Anniversary Awards 2021

This year ECAS is collecting contributions on the topic of EU Citizenship Innovation.

You can submit your contribution in one or more of the following formats until the extended deadline of 15th January 2022, 12:00 CET.

  1. Concept Paper
  2. Project/best practice
  3. Image

Elected Winners

ECAS will elect one winner in each category.

All winners will receive a certificate and financial reward of 200 €, as well as cover of travel and accommodation costs of the winner to the award ceremony, which will take place at the ECAS State of the Union Citizens’ Rights conference (Brussels, 2022).

In addition, each winner will receive a separate special award tailored to the format of their contribution. With the special award, ECAS seeks to stimulate the applicants to continue their efforts and provide transnational visibility to their achievements so that these could serve as an inspiration to others.

Eligibility and Evaluation

For more information about the eligibility criteria of the ECAS Anniversary Awards 2021 contest, please visit here. For any queries, related to the contest, please contact