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Digital Transformation Consultation enters second phase

25 January 2022
From Idea collection, we switch to Idea selection. As chair of the Digital Transformation Cluster of the Civil society convention on the Future of Europe, ECAS just started the next level: after the collection of civil societies’ ideas, we now kick off the second phase: selecting ideas by voting for the different options.

Phase 2: Idea selection

Stakeholders from all over Europe are invited to make their voice heard… and select the ideas they support! The contributions from phase one on the issues of

are now open for votes. Join the crowd and let us know which of the ideas, proposals, or thoughts you support!

Civil Society Convention

The Civil Society Convention on the Conference of the Future of Europe is a network of more than 90 organisations all over Europe and was initiated to create a link between civil society organisations and the institutional setting of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The goal is to ensure an ambitious, structured and looking forward agenda for the Conference, and that citizens’ proposals and concerns will be taken into account in the agenda setting and discussions, and be followed up with the most adequate and concrete policy, legislative and, if relevant, treaty change solutions.

Digital Transformation Cluster

The Civil Society Convention’s Digital Transformation Cluster will contribute to bringing proposals that will feed into the EU’s priority of “A Europe fit for the digital age”. The ambition of this priority is to strengthen the EU’s digital sovereignty and set standards on data, technology, and infrastructure – with a clear focus on education, ethics, fundamental rights and European values.

After the voting, we will enter phase three (Policy Formulation) in February 2022 and phase four (Resolution and Adoption) in April 2022.