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Digital Tools, E-voting and a Changing Democracy: Report from Digital Democracy Day 2019

05 April 2019

Digital tools are changing democracy as we know it, bringing along new opportunities, advances and challenges. Online platforms and e-voting practices have given access to the political world where it was lacking before, allowing citizens to be better informed and involved.

It was this reality that was reflected at ECAS’ Digital Democracy Day 2019: Harnessing the Potential of Technology in Elections, held on March 7th in Brussels. Bringing together experts, innovators and representatives of the EU Institutions, the event explored the upgrades that technology has brought to citizen political participation, as well as the creative solutions to its challenges, such as online disinformation.

Speakers included Member of Parliament (MEP) Mady Delvaux, Alexander Kleinig, Head of the Concept & Design at the European Parliament, Elena Gozun, Europuls, Tom de Grunwald, Co-Founder of SwapMyVote and Aleksandra Kluczka, Campaign Officer the European Youth Forum (you can view the full list of speakers by clicking on the “Agenda” link below).

Read our report that showcases the key highlights and take-aways from Digital Democracy Day 2019, and have a look at some of the innovative tools that have been developed for better citizen political engagement.

View the full report here.
View the livestream of the event: First panel; Second panel
View the agenda of the event here.
View photos from the event here.

Digital Democracy Day 2019 was organised in the framework of the YOU VOTE EU project, under the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission.