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Civil Society recommendations for a Sustainable Multilevel Democracy

23 March 2021
On 1 March, ECAS, ALDA and R.E.D. hosted a workshop dedicated to Sustainable Multilevel Democracy. It took place in the scope of the  2021 Civil Society Days (organised by the European Economic and Social Committee Liaison Group). Based on the speakers’ interventions, the workshop participants voted on the recommendations to safeguard multilevel democracy. 

The three most supported recommendations are:

  • The role of organisations acting as a bridge between Europeans and governments (civil society organisations, political parties, trade unions, etc.) needs to be reinforced as this will create positive synergies for society.
  • Governments and administrations should boost effective civic education and digital literacy at all levels to encourage people to become active in society. It is also critical that administrations ensure fair and affordable digital access for all so that people can participate in democratic processes.
  • Administrations should take more decisive steps to establish deliberative bodies that reinforce democratic societies and representativeness at all levels.

Flavio Grazian (ECAS’ European Participatory Democracy Manager) facilitated the event.