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Online Chat on Professional Qualifications in the EU Reaches 115,000 Citizens

23 April 2016

On 18 April 2016 ECAS’ legal experts from the Your Europe Advice and from the European Commission – DG Internal Market, Industry Entrepreneurship and SMEs and Your Europe Portal– replied together about 100 questions on the recognition of professional qualifications and practicing in another EU country. Some questions also touched upon the academic recognition of diplomas across the EU. Altogether 2,400 citizens followed the chat online from 11am until 1pm, and 115,000 were informed about their rights.

Your Europe Advice is a service contract for the provision of free legal advice to citizens that ECAS has been managing on behalf of the European Commission for over 15 years. As contractors of this service, our legal experts are regularly asked by the Commission to participate in the online chats that are organised on various topics of interest for EU citizens. The first chat was held in November 2014 on the topic of residence rights. 

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