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Digital Democracy Day 2016

Will E-Participation bring Citizens back to the EU?

18 October 2016 - Representation of Saxony - Anhalt to the European Union
Boulevard Saint-Michel, 80, 1040 Brussels

To safeguard and help enforce
EU Citizens’ Rights

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, ECAS has expanded its services to the non-profit sector with customised training modules on EU Funding, Communications and Advocacy and Project Management.

These are organised for small groups on a biannual basis at our own premises or upon request.

Click here for more information
and register to our Spring training modules!



Find out all you need to know about funding opportunities
for the non-profit sector in the EU and beyond



ECAS Invites Contributions to the Future of the Europe for Citizens Programme

Are you a beneficiary of or a participant in the Europe for Citizens Programme? Do you have ideas on how this Programme could be improved? The European Commission and the European Parliament are currently carrying out a mid-term evaluation of this Programme to reflect on its future after 2020. ECAS has launched a short survey to collect citizens' and organisations' views on it in order to put forward key recommendations to EU policy-makers. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) is an international Brussels-based non-profit organization with a pan-European membership and 24 years of experience.


ECAS empowers citizens to exercise their rights and promotes open and inclusive decision-making through the provision of high quality advice, research and advocacy, as well as capacity building to civil society organisations.


ECAS aspires to be the EU Resource Centre on citizens’ rights, campaigning for an inclusive, transparent and democratic Europe, where the benefits of EU citizenship can be fully tapped.


  • Non-partisanship: Free from affiliation with any political party.
  • Professionalism: Striving for excellence in all aspects of our work.
  • Empowerment: Enabling citizens to understand and utilize their rights.
  • Inclusiveness: Ensuring that all EU citizens can fully enjoy their rights.
  • Innovation: Applying unique and modern solutions.

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 16:10

RT @simonapronckute: @ecas_europe great analysis! @SantiagoFisas @ernestmaragall @gimenezbarbat #Europe4Citizens should offer more funding…

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 15:18

More #funding is key to increase participation in #Europe4Citizens https://t.co/YlYgeNqBCt @EuropaJenshttps://t.co/IhmpuEFMDx

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 15:14

#Europe4Citizens review - see what respondents to our survey think https://t.co/YlYgeNqBCt @SantiagoFisashttps://t.co/Nm4MhnyGIz

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 10:28

RT @ELIANT: Celebrate with us our 10th anniversary conf. about #FreedomOfChoice! Supported by @ecas_europe. Register https://t.co/HvIJOsPdr

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 08:24

What do #citizens want from #Brexit? That depends on how the question is phrased. https://t.co/xnTaaBwnzC

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 08:19

Register to our workshop on #freemovement erosion & its impact on #democracy & #citizenship on 8 Oct in la Rochelle https://t.co/TY9c1O91zu

ECAS NGO - 28/09/2016 08:15

@EU_Growth seeks your views to improve #information on the #SingleMarket https://t.co/XTjGDgX0sw #EUHaveYourSay @ALTEREU @NewEuropeans

ECAS NGO - 27/09/2016 11:31

RT @iCmedia_es: ¡Aquí estamos! en menos de 2h comienza la Jornada Europea iCmedia en el Parlamento Europeo. #WeCare4Kids https://t.co/fg8B

ECAS NGO - 27/09/2016 11:28

RT @ELIANT: #savethedate 7th Nov. #FreedomOfChoice under threat: What can EU #citizens do? Supported by @ecas_europe. Register https://t.co

ECAS NGO - 27/09/2016 09:45

Swiss canton referendum problematic for EU-Swiss #freemovement https://t.co/h3hyWHPn2X #labourmobility #migrationEU

What We Do

  1. We give free legal advice to citizens and businesses on EU issues through Your Europe Advice.
  2. We help citizens to resolve problems with free movement in the EU through the EU Rights Clinic.
  3. We provide free assistance to European Citizen Initiative organizers via the ECI Support Center.
  4. We help EU citizens engage with EU policy-making using digital democracy tools.
  5. Our Knowledge Center helps EU citizens find relevant information about internal EU Migration and the European Citizens’ Initiative.
  6. We provide in-depth guidance to available EU funding for civil society initiatives.
  7. Our Triple A initiative informs, advises and helps citizens in South Eastern Europe to enforce their citizen rights.
  8. We support participatory democracy beyond the EU.
  9. ECAS provides on-demand tailor-made advice, training and support to civil society organizations.
  10. We cooperate with civil society organizations to increase citizens impact on EU policies.


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