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Campaigning During a Global Crisis: How to Make your Topic Feature when External Events Take Away Attention?

21 June 2023

Countries: All EU Member States

Target group: ECI organisers

Date: 6 July 2022

Language: English

Subject: European Citizens’ Initiative: how to campaign in times of crisis

Format: Webinar

What is it for me – Learning Objectives: This webinar aim is to focus on campaigning and practical guidance related to campaigning in challenging times due to external circumstances and how to make your initiative feature when these external events deter attention from it.

To support citizens that consider starting an European Citizens’ Initiative, the European Commission launched the ECI Forum, managed by ECAS.

We are organising and carrying out Webinars regularly (see the Learn Section of the Forum) to support ECI organisers’ efforts in collecting 1 million statements of support.

Webinar Agenda:

1. Introduction and welcoming by Elisa Lironi

2. Presentation by Nils Kluger, Stop Finning – Stop the Trade initiative

3. Q&A with Audience

4. Presentation by John Holland, Holland and Partners Communications

5. Q&A with Audience

6. Closing Remarks


Elisa Lironi, Programme Director – European Democracy, ECAS

Nils Kluger, Stop the Finning – Stop the Trade

John Holland, Holland and Partners Communications

The recording of the training is available here.

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