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Your Europe Advice Annual Trends 2023

29 April 2024
Your Europe Advice Annual Trends 2022
In 2023, there was a slight decrease in the number of questions the service received compared to 2022. The number of ineligible questions was high (21%), but stable compared to 2022. Some UK related enquiries are no longer covered by EU law. Enquiries were received from third-country nationals and third-country businesses which were not related to EU law and could not be dealt with by YEA.

A significant number of social security enquiries was received (28%). This was higher than last year both in proportion and numbers, followed by residence rights (19%) and entry procedures (13%). This hierarchy remains unchanged from 2022.

By comparison with previous years, there was an increase in issues relating to working in another country; tax, partly attributable to new teleworking issues; and questions on consumer law.

YEA received enquiries from citizens from all 27 EU countries and from citizens of Norway and Iceland. Enquiries were also received from third-country nationals who are family members of EU citizens (14%). YEA received fewer questions from British citizens compared with previous years. The top ten nationalities that contact YEA most frequently remain unchanged compared to 2022.

In conclusion, 2023 has been another challenging year for YEA. New trends have emerged and the enquiries received from citizens involve increasingly complex issues. Problems associated with the COVID pandemic were still evident during the early months of 2023. The consequences of Brexit and the unavailability of clear information to those affected, continued to give rise to numerous multi-faceted enquiries. The ongoing war in Ukraine has resulted in a large number of refugees being accommodated within the European Union. This displacement has given rise to different and difficult questions which show no sign of abating.

Read the full report here and access the Infographic here.