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ECAS Backs Call for Transnational Lists for European Parliament Elections

06 February 2018
transnational lists

In partnership with WeMove.EU, European Alternatives and The Good Lobby, ECAS has called for transnational lists for the European Parliament elections in 2019.

The petition launched on 5 February by WeMove.EU and backed by ECAS calls for “real representation” of EU citizens in the European Parliament by making some MEPs accountable to all Europeans, rather than national electorates, through the use of transnational lists in the next European Parliament elections.

Transnational lists, which would be used to elect MEPs for a pan-European constituency representing all Europeans, could help invigorate voter turnout in European elections, refocus Parliament towards EU citizens’ common interests and “breathe new life” into parliamentary debates.

Fair representation of citizens

On 7 February, MEPs are set to vote on the AFCO Committee’s legislative initiative on the composition of the European Parliament which, according to co-rapporteur Danuta Hübner, would “deal with the legacy of Brexit” by reducing the number of MEPs from 751 to 705, leaving a reserve of 46 seats to be used for either transnational lists or reallocated to new Member States.

Ms Hübner hopes that the proposal will “reinvigorate citizens’ participation in the European democratic process”, whilst her fellow rapporteur, Pedro Silva Pereira, says “it assures a fair representation of citizens”.

If the legislative initiative is approved by the Parliament, it will go to the European Council for unanimous approval before returning to the Parliament for a final vote.

If you want to support this initiative for a more democratic and representative European Parliament, sign the petition today!