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Project Launch: ACT for Free Movement

03 June 2017
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ECAS launched the ACT for Free Movement project on June 2, which will take action to strengthen the implementation of the EU Citizenship Directive and enhance EU citizens’ free movement rights.

The project aims to counter negative trends against the rights of mobile EU citizens, as identified at our conference in April, and build public awareness and political support for free movement in the EU by combining research, advocacy and activism to enhance EU citizens’ access to their free movement rights.

As part of the project, ECAS will develop an interactive guide to good practices in Member States, submit a series of super-complaints against Member States that are preventing EU citizens from exercising their free movement rights and advocate for a maximal implementation of the Citizenship Directive. The project will also train and support grassroots, free movement activists across the EU.

ECAS’ partners in the project are the European AlternativesGothenburg Rescue MissionEU Rights ClinicKrytyka Polityczna and The Good LobbyThe project is funded by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM).