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Obstacles to Political Rights of EU Citizens – Survey Report

29 December 2017
EU Citizens

What are the main drivers and obstacles to the political participation of mobile EU citizens in their host country and how could participation levels be improved?

As part of the One-stop-shops for the political participation of mobile EU citizens project, the European Citizen Action Service and the Migration Policy Group conducted a survey to  gather the key concerns of mobile EU citizens related to the exercise of their EU political rights with a focus on the right to vote in local and European elections and civic participation in their host country.

According to the survey, many mobile EU citizens do not vote because of administrative difficulties, language barriers and a lack of understanding of the political system. They would be much more likely, however, to vote if they could participate in national elections, have the opportunity to improve the situation for their community or if local authorities would do more to stimulate active engagement among expat communities. Experience of discrimination or other difficulties may also encourage civic and political participation.

Among the suggestions for local authorities to increase participation were targeted events for mobile EU citizens, increased availability of information on the political system, language and cultural classes, and representative committees for EU citizens within municipalities.

Read the report here