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Interview: ECAS’ Elisa Lironi on e-Democracy

10 May 2017

An interview with ECAS’ Digital Democracy Manager, Elisa Lironi,  has featured in an article by EU-LOGOS Athena about e-democracy and the role of citizens’ participation in the democratic process published on 2 May 2017.

In the interview, she discusses the different approaches countries take towards e-democracy, measures that already exist at EU level, the impact of cyberattacks on the use of online tools and the potential for e-democracy to revive the interest  and engagement of citizens in EU policy-making, among other things.

She said, “The EU should embrace these new online mechanisms to reach out to citizens and allow them to have a say in decision-making processes. Traditional politics, based on elections, is not enough for many people anymore. Many people (i.e. young people) are using technology to voice their opinions on specific issues they care about and prefer having more direct contact with their policy-makers.”

Read the full interview here

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