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ECAS launches its own crowdsourcing platform!

11 September 2018

We at ECAS are proud to announce that we have launched our very own crowdsourcing platform! Its activities will be aimed at crowdsourcing citizens’ opinions on a number of different subjects by issuing questionnaires.

The first questionnaire is launched under the framework of FAIR EU, a project aimed at fostering the successful inclusion of mobile EU citizens in their host EU country’s civic and political life. A large part of the project will be aimed at crowdsourcing citizens’ opinions on the obstacles to free movement and political participation that they encounter.

If you are a mobile EU citizen, and live in a host EU country we would like to hear from you, particularly about the problems you encounter when taking part in your host country’s political life!

Given previous levels of low voter turnout among mobile EU citizens at both local and EU-level elections, we want to make sure you do not encounter obstacles to political participation in your host EU country. Help us understand what the main obstacles to political participation for mobile EU citizens are, by registering here in just a couple of seconds, and answering a few questions!

Our questionnaire will only take 3-4 minutes of your time – all contributions will be greatly appreciated!


The FAIR EU project is funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission and is implemented by ECAS as the lead partner in consortium with: Migration Policy Group, ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy), the European University Institute, Malmö University and Maastricht University.