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European Elections Dystopia Winners

21 December 2023

To strengthen the European Parliament Elections 2024, taking place from 6 to 9 June 2024, ECAS launched a crowdsourcing activity from July to early December 2023.

Participants were urged to brainstorm imaginative ideas for possible outcomes of the upcoming elections and to construct dystopian scenarios highlighting the weaknesses and difficulties that the European democratic system may faces under extreme circumstances.

In addition to the 665 participants in the online crowdsourcing that contributed on the ECAS crowdsourcing platform, we collaborated with 16 civil society organisations (CSOs) across the EU to host 25 workshops for 770 participants.

Through online and offline activities, ECAS obtained 1,435 responses (of which 1,134 were deemed valid) about citizens’ worries about the future of democracy in the EU and strategies to avert their worst-case scenarios.

By participating in this crowdsourcing, participants got the opportunity to enter a contest and win an award.

Find out who won the European Elections Dystopia competition below:

1- Nádia Carvalho (Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal)

“I aimed to join the European Elections Dystopia crowdsourcing activity as I believe it’s crucial, amid these turbulent times, to engage in discussions and find solutions for the prevailing challenges. We need to start these discussions as soon as possible, before the upcoming European elections.”

2- Alexandros Kosti (Limassol, Cyprus)

I would like to express my gratitude to the ECAS for providing a platform that empowers individuals to voice their opinions on matters that directly impact them. The platform is effectively enhancing citizens engagement in political affairs and encouraging their active participation and understanding of EU policy-making processes among citizens. I am particularly inspired by the platform’s commitment to inclusivity, transparency and citizen-centricity within the European Union.

3- Máxime O. (Brussels, Belgium)

“The European elections are a real opportunity for EU citizens to decide on how we tackle big issues like climate change and energy security. The ECAS’s Dystopia project explores what could happen if people voted for parties that want to make Europe weaker or if they didn’t vote at all. That opportunity would be lost. But we can avoid that: young people and those voting for the first-time next year should make sure that their voice is heard loud and clear.”

For Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to consider these suggestions in the lead-up to the 2024 elections for the European Parliament, the outcomes of this crowdsourcing will be brought to the attention of the EU. Early in 2024, a report summarising the main conclusions of this endeavour will be released!

We are grateful to everyone who participated in this ECAS crowdsourcing project and helped build our democracy! Your inputs are greatly appreciated!