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Training workshops on Post-2020 Multi-annual Financial Framework: Policy Framework and Funding Programmes

11 November 2022
Countries: EU wide

Target group: Civil Society Professionals, Activists

Year: 2018

Subject: EU level Advocacy, Fundraising

Type: Interactive, In-person


The new Multi-annual Financial Framework defines the EU’s spending priorities, policy goals and funding programmes for the 2021-27 budgetary cycle. This training presented everything that’s already known about the new policy priorities and funding programmes, as well as advocacy opportunities and Member States’ positions.

It was ideal for organisations looking to plan ahead for the next funding cycle, understand the policy context and establish advocacy opportunities.

During 2018, ECAS also provided relevant tailor-made training services for organisations.

Course objectives

To equip participants with knowledge on:

·       The 2021-27 Multi-annual Financial Framework

·       The EU’s new policy agenda

·       Member State positions on key issues

·       Advocacy opportunities and the legislative timeline

Key learning points:

·       Policy priorities and context

·       The Commission’s MFF proposal

·       New funding programmes

·       The European Parliament’s position

·       Key issues

·       Member State positions

·       Timeline and advocacy framework